Välkomna till ”Väsen på Björkberget” 2022

16e juli, 19:00 Väsen på cykelturné!

Efter förra sommarens succé med konserter i trädgården hemma hos Olov & Maggan på Björkberget i Dalby utanför Uppsala så har vi nu glädjen att meddela att det blir en konsertserie i sommar också. Väsen står som värdar och har en alldeles egen konsert som inledning på sommarens Cykelturné den 16e juli. Konsertserien inleds med Ale Möller och Väsen den 8e juli och avslutas med Lena Willemark och Väsen den 28e aug.

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Press Release


After 30 years Väsen moves into a new phase. Olov Johansson and Mikael Marin continue as Väsen, first as a duo with new exciting material. The future will tell what new collaborations will come out of this. Roger Tallroth has chosen to leave the band for new projects. Väsen thanks Roger for all his creative music-making during all these years.

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Our new Tunebook is here!

Väsen Rule of 3 tunebook, Vol. 1

It’s the music from our latest album Rule of 3. Its full scores transcribed by the mighty Timo Alakotila, our dear friend from Finland. It will be three books with 5 tunes per book, and it’s the first one we have finished so far. Since it’s the full score for every tune it’s a big one.

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Rule of 3 is here!

Väsen’s new album Rule of 3 is now available to order from this site. Väsen mark their 30th year together as a band the only way they know how: a set of 15 new original Väsen tunes! Continuing to push the envelope of traditional music with their unique style, the combined power of their playing…

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Newest CD: Brewed

The new Väsen CD “Brewed” can be ordered now for immediate shipping from this site. The band is sounding as tight and accomplished as ever. Polskanize yourself! 

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Väsen’s early recordings available again!

We are so happy to be able to tell you that FINALLY these early recordings of Väsen have become available again! It’s our two first studio albums: VÄSEN & VILDA VÄSEN. Also our first live album called LEVANDE VÄSEN, and Olov Johansson’s albums STORSVARTEN & I LUST OCH GLÖD.

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