Vasen: Melliken Album Cover

Väsen’s new album “Melliken” invites you to enter a colorful, expressive world in which Olov and Mikael’s music runs through the generations like a common thread. Traditional tunes are commented on by new compositions and the old tunes played by Gustaf Strutz, Melliken and Gustav Uggla gain wings and fly once more. A dark touch on the bass viola and the violoncello da spalla combines with silvery nyckelharpas to form a unique sound and interplay. Melliken is the latest stage in Väsen’s long musical journey which now spans almost four decades. As always, joy and love of the music are at the heart of it all.

The album’s title, ”Melliken” was the nickname given to the fiddler Per Persson Menlös in his home village of Hedesunda.

All the traditional tunes on this recording are linked to the area along Dalälven, where it becomes the border between the provinces of Uppland and Gästrikland. But the river wasn’t a border for the people who lived there. Dalälven made it easy to travel and connect.

22 euro with post expenses included
Track List
  1. Ridmarsch från Ön
  2. Bodin
  3. Harpleken
  4. Polska från Östa
  5. Karl den XIII Begravningsmarsch
  6. Strutzvals
  7. Långdrösen
  8. Steklåt efter Melliken
  9. Ugglamarschen
  10. Wallmarin
  11. Schedins brudpolska
  12. Röda Livstycket
  13. Brötpolska
  14. Strykarepolska
  15. Bitterljuv
  16. Korsälven
  17. Hymn till sommarnätter
  18. Branten
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