Rule of 3

Väsen: Rule of 3 cd cover

Väsen mark their 30th year together as a band the only way they know how: a set of 15 new original Väsen tunes! Continuing to push the envelope of traditional music with their unique style, the combined power of their playing three acoustic instruments their unique way continues to amaze even themselves after three decades.

Coming Soon!
Official release date is April 19.

Track List
  1. Typhoon Nozaki
  2. Hörrgårdar’n
  3. Rosenlundsvalsen
  4. Josefin
  5. Hållfastmarschen
  6. Elsa
  7. Vals för Gitarr
  8. Miss Hell
  9. På Väg
  10. Krutgumman
  11. Till Gösta
  12. Posh Forest
  13. Långburken
  14. Visselblåsaren
  15. Svimmelpolskan
Sample Tracks