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Världens Väsen

varldens vasen
1997 · Xource XOUCD 118
Studio Album, the Swedish release of Whirled
The original quartet recording, adding percussionist André Ferrari to Väsen's trio sound becomes greater than the sum of its parts. This landmark 1997 recording changed the face of Swedish folk music forever, and brought the band international acclaim.
Track List
  1. Kapten Kapsyl (Captain Bottle Top) (Mikael Marin)
  2. Bambodansarna (The Bambo Dancers) (Olov Johansson)
  3. Börja du Fatta (Do You Get the Picture?) (Mikael Marin)
  4. Shapons Vindaloo (André Ferrari)
  5. Nitti Pomfritti (90 French Fries) (Mikael Marin)
  6. 30-Års Jiggen (The 30-Year Jig) (Roger Tallroth)
  7. Anno 1643 (Roger Tallroth)
  8. Tärtulingen (Olov Johansson)
  9. Såld och Solde (Sold or Sale) (Olov Johansson)
  10. En Timme i Ungern (One Hour in Hungary)
  11. Till Farmor (To Grandma) (Roger Tallroth)