Väsen Duo

Väsen Duo CD cover

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Track List
  1. Dis
  2. Silverschottis
  3. Erlandsson
  4. Smultrongärds-Ida
  5. Hardrevet
  6. Marstalla-Olles brudmarsch
  7. Gruffalon
  8. Fröken ska få löken
  9. Andakten
  10. Kung Harald
  11. Den gröna ön
  12. Stormyren
  13. Alla ensammas lilla vals
  14. Svedmark
  15. Adventspolska
  16. Verkstad

Welcome to Väsen Duo! A start of something new. We went looking for new sounds, new instruments and new ways of playing together. This is what we found.

It has been a really fun, creative and floaty process to make this recording and we are truly grateful as old experienced musicians to feel the joy of playing music together.

Olov & Micke

Sample Tracks