Väsen’s early recordings available again!

We are so happy to be able to tell you that FINALLY these early recordings of Väsen have become available again!

It's our two first studio albums: VÄSEN (1990) & VILDA VÄSEN (1992). Also our first live album called LEVANDE VÄSEN (1996). As well Olov Johansson's album STORSVARTEN (1998) featuring Mikael Marin, Roger Tallroth, Anders Bromander, Claudia Müller, Mats Olofsson & I LUST OCH GLÖD (2007) featuring Mikael Marin, Catriona McKay, Markus Svensson, Kalle Almlöf.

The recordings are available on most services for download and streaming. For ex. Itunes, Spotify etc.