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Välkomna till ”Väsen på Björkberget” 2023

Efter tidigare somrars succé med konserter i trädgården hemma hos Olov & Maggan på Björkberget i Dalby utanför Uppsala så har vi nu glädjen att meddela att det blir en liten konsertserie i sommar också. Väsen står som värdar och konsertserien inleds med Gudrun Walther, Jürgen Treyz och Väsen den 10e aug och avslutas med Lena Willemark och Väsen den 3 sept.

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Väsen: it don't mean a thang if it ain't got that swang -SingOut

“Move heaven and earth for a ticket.” Herald Scotland

“Hallmarked by instrumental mastery, daring arrangements, and tasteful experiments, Gront is a rich, brooding hour of cold comfort, indeed.”

“…a very effective contemporary sounding acoustic tour de force.” -Dirty Linen

“The sounds that result are dervish-like, laden with instantaneous vitality and age-old importance. Truly, there's nothing quite like it.” -Albuquerque Weekly Alibi

“The three demonstrate such a singularity of purpose and are so attuned to each other, it sounds as if a six-handed individual were manipulating three instruments at once.” VirginianPilot

“The music is, at turns, entrancing, enchanting, uplifting, lilting, lovely, and just plain fun.” -Minneapolis Star Tribune

“It is hugely rewarding to watch three musicians gel so naturally to produce a sound and style that is both sophisticated and meaty.” Maverick

“Anchored by insistent drones and distinguished by angular fiddle melodies, this music could be the most significant Swedish export since the Vikings.” -Rhythm

“Alternately angular and gritty, plaintive and baroque, Spirit is chock-full of inspiring melodies and fine musicianship.” -Acoustic Guitar

“…a hypnotic pastiche that is bathed in the traditions of Väsen's homeland and awe-inspiringly ancient and creative at the same time.” -Sing Out!

“…Invoking both serene panoramic vistas and sharp blazing melodies, the music has found fans far beyond the borders of the band's native Sweden, and for good reason.” -CMJ

“…the band's anciently original compositions can be immensely brooding, stately, fitfully spry or dramatically expansive.” -Richard Harrington, The Washington Post

“The sound may be traditional, but the attitude is completely modern, mixing up the ideas of folk, the virtuosity of prog, and the humor of the insane asylum into a cuisinart of acoustic bliss. Visualize whirled music.” -Wired

“No, it really isn't an exaggeration to say that these guys play music better, and play music better together, than almost anyone else out there. Their sound straddles a nearly impossible line between playful and refined…” Megan Romer

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