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Rule of 3 is here!

Väsen’s new album Rule of 3 is now available to order from this site.

Väsen mark their 30th year together as a band the only way they know how: a set of 15 new original Väsen tunes! Continuing to push the envelope of traditional music with their unique style, the combined power of their playing three acoustic instruments their unique way continues to amaze even themselves after three decades.

Väsen: Rule of 3 cd cover

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Tunebook 3 is here!

Tunebook 3 can be ordered now for immediate shipping from this site.

It’s the music from Brewed in this tunebook.

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Newest CD: Brewed

Väsen BrewedThe new Väsen CD “Brewed” can be ordered now for immediate shipping from this site.

The band is sounding as tight and accomplished as ever. Polskanize yourself! 

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Väsen on US-tour, New CD Väsen Brewed

Hej!  On April 12 we travel to USA for our west coast tour. Our new CD Väsen Brewed will be available at the shows and we have a whole lot of new tunes with us that we would like to share with you. Hope you can make it to one of the shows! For those of you who can’t make it to a show you have to wait a little while for the new CD. It’ll be possible to order it at www.vasen.se & noside.com from April 28. You can download it from iTunes from April 28 as well. From May 5 it’ll be available on most streamed services.

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Väsen’s early recordings available again!

We are so happy to be able to tell you that FINALLY these early recordings of Väsen have become available again!

It’s our two first studio albums: VÄSEN (1990) & VILDA VÄSEN (1992). Also our first live album called LEVANDE VÄSEN (1996). As well Olov Johansson’s album STORSVARTEN (1998) featuring Mikael Marin, Roger Tallroth, Anders Bromander, Claudia Müller, Mats Olofsson & I LUST OCH GLÖD (2007) featuring Mikael Marin, Catriona McKay, Markus Svensson, Kalle Almlöf.

The recordings are available on most services for download and streaming. For ex. Itunes, Spotify etc.

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Uppland Tour

norrbottensmusikenFrom Nov 15 to 22 we are going to tour in Uppland, our home province with this amazing project.

Väsen, with André Ferrari on percussion together with singer/fiddler Lena Willemark, Trio X from Uppsala and Norbotten Big Band.

Everything led by Mats Hålling who have written most of the arrangements. See our gig-list for more details.

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November in Japan

We are going to Japan and Tokyo again!

On November 4 we have our very special acoustic concert. On November 5 & 6 we are sharing concert with Lunasa from Ireland and Nanook from Greenland. For more details see our giglist.

music plant japan

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