Pre-order our new album “Melliken”

Väsen’s new album “Melliken” is finished and can now be pre-ordered. If you order the CD “Melliken” before March 1st we will send you a signed copy as soon as we get the CDs from the manufacturer. Listen to some samples and order it here:
On Väsen’s new album “Melliken” you are invited to a colorful and expressive world where Olov and Mikael’s music runs like a common thread through the generations. The traditional tunes are commented on by new compositions and the old tunes played by Gustaf Strutz, Melliken and Gustav Uggla gain wings and fly again. With a dark touch on the bass viola and the violoncello da spalla together with the silvery nyckelharpas, a sound and interplay is formed that is unique in its form. With Melliken, Väsen continues the musical journey that has lasted for almost four decades. The joy and love for the music is still in center.
The name Melliken is what the fiddler Per Persson Menlös was called in his home village Hedesunda. We are playing a few of his very fascinating tunes on this recording.